As you know I love Tenhachi.  Everything about this place makes me happy, from the radio control boat races, the mini golf, prehistoric wood and of course the food.   If you like Japanese cuisine then this place can't be beat.   They serve both imported and fresh local seafood at a reasonable price.

Since sea urchin was in season, I decided to order a sea urchin roe donburi but what caught my eye was the Amazake.  Sake lees heated up and mixed with sugar to make this amazing beverage.  This warm drink carried flavours that reminded me of almond tofu but with a kick of sake. The alcohol content in minimal maybe around 2 percent but this sweet drink is a perfect item to sip slowly on a cold day.  After a little bit of internet research people even say that  Amazake is believed to be nutritious and used to cure hang overs.  

Other Japanese items that you will see on the Tenhachi menu that you will not see anywhere else include sea urchin roe tempura, monk fish liver, herring roe on kelp, and the best miso soup in the city.

Just as a FYI
Lees refers to the deposits after the fermentation and aging.

1125 W 12 th Ave
Shaughnessy Village Hotel
Vancouver, BC Canada