Sorry for the lack of updates from me but I have been away for the past two weeks in Asia.  Here is something to tide you over.

I spent some time in the Philippines and thought I would give Balut a try.  For those who don't know Balut is a partially developed chicken/duck fetus.  It is then boiled and served warm.  If you go to your local Asian supermarket you may see these eggs coloured in a maroon / red colour.  You may have also seen it on Fear Factor.

The juices were surprisingly really tasty.  Flavours of chicken and something that tasted like the salty fish, not sure how to describe it.   Then I put the rest of the contents of the egg in my mouth.  The different textures, degrees of firmness and the thought that there was an embryo in my mouth was just too much for me to deal with even though the taste was good.

Here is the clip.

I wanted to try it again, but it wasn't that easy to find in Manila.