I noticed this place a few weeks ago when they were still under renovations. It is tucked between Wicked Cafe and the OC Hair & Spa just off of Robson on Hornby. When I noticed that the doors were open I had to try it. The concept is a "pick ur protein" idea where all sandwiches come with pickled jalapenos, garlic sauce, lettuce, caramelized onions and cilantro. You can also add sides to it like corn, chips, salad or slaw. I chose their signature slow roasted pulled pork.

It came on an aluminum tray reminiscent of cafeteria style serving. I was also told to peel the paper as I ate the sandwich to prevent it from falling apart. The bread was cross between a french baguette and a sourdough. I found it to be a little too heavy and the bread to filling ratio was a little off. With a lot of sandwich shops popping up downtown the price seemed to be fitting with the new standard at $8.49. Overall for that price the sandwich filled me up but I can't say I was fully satisfied. Another interesting thing I noticed was that they charge $0.25 for modifications to the sandwiches. Even though they donate that to charity, I am not cool with paying for being a little picky sometimes.


Hubbub Sandwich Bliss
859 Hornby St.
Vancouver, BC