Most of us have passed by this place and thought about going in but only a small percentage of those people have actually dined at the restaurant.  If you were really curious you might have done some internet research and found that many food blogs have blogged about this already but for those who haven't let me throw in my two cents.

This place is a must for any Vancouver food hunter that is looking for an enjoyable experience.   The owner, Linda is the sweetest thing.  We were dining on one of their first day that they re opened after they closed for their vacation.  Linda mentioned that she forgot how to do some things so there wasn't any clam chowder available.  This is a scary start, I immediately thought what else did she forget, how to wash her hands, how to fry a steak, how not to spill gravy on my shirt.   Since the clam chowder wasn't available I got the beef barley which was actually pretty good.

I ordered the sirloin steak for $8.95 and it came with the steak, salad, baked potato, cake, bread and soup.  For the price the meal was decent, the steak didn't come with any sauce, and didn't have any charing but it wasn't bad.  It pretty much felt like a sirloin that you would fry in a pan at home.  The baked potato was small but it did come with sour cream, green onions and some bacon bits.

The meal is decent and I would consider it good considering the price but the real story is in the experience.  The owner is amazing and the interior while different and maybe consider seedy is still something I would consider clean.  Find the right friend and go give this place a try.  

The Brave Bull
1298 E Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC