The Wine Tasting Room in Seattle is such an awesome concept.  Here you sample out a variety of different Washington wines, which are sold by the tablespoon (the pours are more generous than a teaspoon). In my case, I ordered a flight which included four different wines that were strategically paired together for 8 bucks.   If you enjoyed the wine the bottle was also available.  With this concept I don't have to buy based on the label or this sucky wine app I have.   


I just recently watched all of Twin Peaks including the movie and I fell in complete love with it.  It blew my mind away how crazy it is and how this was on prime time television back in the day.   When I heard that it was filmed in Seattle, I was hell bent on doing a Twin Peaks trip.  There are a few good reference sites  that tell you where things are but in the end the Twin Peaks part of the road trip lasted only 4 hours.  The rest of the trip was about eating some of Joe's recommendations.


One cart, one great sandwich: normally I'd drone on about singularity of vision, but in La Brasserie's case, it's more a case of two birds with one stone.



I guess I am on a Latin kick right now because for dinner I had areapas.

The arepa is a Colombian dish which is similar to El Salvador's pupusa.  It is a corn meal patty which is normally grilled, baked or fried, and then stuffed with a variety of fillings.   My first experience with this Columbia dish was at the Caracas Cafe in New York.   Caracas is one of those mom and pop spots that Bobby Flay challenged in his "Throw Down" TV show.

My buddy Needle Kineval hit me up to go get arepas at Latitude.  I was surprised because I have had brunch there before and it didn't seem to be Latin to me.    He assured me that the arepas were solid and he has a proven track record for making recommendations, so I was down for the meal.


For those of you following the food blogs, there is some serious action going on right now.  Kim from the Blog "I'm Only Here For The Food" has thrown in the towel and decided to call it quits.  In his last post he decided to discuss his feelings about the food blogging community and call out some names.

I'm Only Here For The Food has been around for about as long as Vancouver Slop has (3 years).  Kim's site was one of the few that I followed.  I enjoyed his voice, photos and diverse range of restaurants that he covered.  His site also had a large following, and he will be missed.   I have never met the man, but he seemed like a cool dude.  Even though his site is down, it is still a great resource; even Mia Stainsby from the Vancouver Sun was caught using some of his photos for her review.  Props to Kim for calling her out.

So Kim has ended his blog with a bang.  He has some parting words that are definitely intended to set people off.  I guess he isn't too worried about a food blogger wanting to pick a fight with him.  After all, food bloggers aren't very intimidating people.  Look at me: nothing is less intimidating than a short Asian dude with a shaved head, wearing over-sized glasses, and carrying a DSLR around his neck.   I make William Hung look like a triad.

There is a large amount of discussion on the Internet about his last post. The three major spots to check out are:

People are saying he is burning bridges or that he lost his mind but in my opinion he created and built up his blog to chronicle his personal adventures and share his personal opinions, and in the end he did just that, and wrote about his personal views of the state of Vancouver's food blogging scene.   If he wanted to call people out then he can.  He might be burning some bridges but I am sure he is comfortable with that.  I doubt he'll be looking to call up those bloggers to join him for dinner in a year's time.  Kim is moving on with his life and as Neil Young / Kurt Cobain said "It is better to burn out than to fade away."

This is making the food blogger world interesting and finally we have some drama that rivals Biggie and Tupac, or maybe a little lower scale and closer to the drama behind Ice Cube and Common Sense.

Matt the eugooglizer.


Richmond is truly amazing when it comes to eating.  Alexandra Street is densely packed with restaurants and looks like strip out of Hong Kong.   Richmond is also truly frustrating when it comes to driving and getting 5 blocks can sometimes take 30 mins and 10 horn honks.

Tucked away near Aberdeen Mall is Excellent Tofu.    This little hole in the wall serves the best bowl of tofu.  Made in house and you can dress it up in a variety of ways with items such as condensed milk, grass jelly, black sesame, and tons of other things.  The bowls run about $3.50 and are served either hot or cold.  I prefer the hot version, and I add a little sugar syrup or ginger syrup on top to get that perfect sweetness.

The owner was awesome. Super nice, chatty speaking perfect English and I love his suspenders and belt combo.   For those almond milk lovers, this man even makes his own almond milk.    

The name says it all.

Excellent Tofu & Snacks
Suite 160, 4321 Hazelbridge Way
Richmond, BC