I just recently watched all of Twin Peaks including the movie and I fell in complete love with it.  It blew my mind away how crazy it is and how this was on prime time television back in the day.   When I heard that it was filmed in Seattle, I was hell bent on doing a Twin Peaks trip.  There are a few good reference sites  that tell you where things are but in the end the Twin Peaks part of the road trip lasted only 4 hours.  The rest of the trip was about eating some of Joe's recommendations.

The Double R diner which in Twin Peaks was the workplace to some very hot staff, and the home of "a damn fine cup o'coffee" and cherry pie.  Going to the diner now is quite a different story, the cafe was burnt down in 2000 and the rebuilt interior  looks nothing like what was on the show.   Although we knew the diner had changed we still expected/hoped for a diner environment where staff would call me love or hun, and wear some cute outfits.   

As you can see from the photos of the diner, the place is significantly different from the set of Twin Peaks. Also. the food was relatively and also not worth writing home about.  I will say the home made clam chowder was decent though.   We made sure we saved room for the Cherry Pie which was oddly served in a bowl rather than a plate and tasted very similar to the Hostess Cherry pie you get at the corner store.  I had to buy one while getting gas just to confirm the similarity.

Overall, you have to stop here while doing the Twin Peaks tour but I would limit the food consumption to cherry pie and coffee, only because then you can say you had it.

Twede's Cafe (Double R Diner)
137 W North Bend Way
North Bend Wa