Richmond is truly amazing when it comes to eating.  Alexandra Street is densely packed with restaurants and looks like strip out of Hong Kong.   Richmond is also truly frustrating when it comes to driving and getting 5 blocks can sometimes take 30 mins and 10 horn honks.

Tucked away near Aberdeen Mall is Excellent Tofu.    This little hole in the wall serves the best bowl of tofu.  Made in house and you can dress it up in a variety of ways with items such as condensed milk, grass jelly, black sesame, and tons of other things.  The bowls run about $3.50 and are served either hot or cold.  I prefer the hot version, and I add a little sugar syrup or ginger syrup on top to get that perfect sweetness.

The owner was awesome. Super nice, chatty speaking perfect English and I love his suspenders and belt combo.   For those almond milk lovers, this man even makes his own almond milk.    

The name says it all.

Excellent Tofu & Snacks
Suite 160, 4321 Hazelbridge Way
Richmond, BC