I guess I am on a Latin kick right now because for dinner I had areapas.

The arepa is a Colombian dish which is similar to El Salvador's pupusa.  It is a corn meal patty which is normally grilled, baked or fried, and then stuffed with a variety of fillings.   My first experience with this Columbia dish was at the Caracas Cafe in New York.   Caracas is one of those mom and pop spots that Bobby Flay challenged in his "Throw Down" TV show.

My buddy Needle Kineval hit me up to go get arepas at Latitude.  I was surprised because I have had brunch there before and it didn't seem to be Latin to me.    He assured me that the arepas were solid and he has a proven track record for making recommendations, so I was down for the meal.

The Arepas ranged from 4 - 6 bucks each.  My favourite two were the shrimp and the beef with the chorizo bringing up a close third.   The arepas are small (about 3 inches in diameter), messy to eat but very enjoyable.    The other menu items were also delicious.  The chips in salsa ($5) were great.  I don't usually like paying for chips and salsa but both the chips and the salsa were both homemade and tasty.   The salsa had a hint of curry to it and the tomatoes looked like they were chopped in a food processor but I really can't complain considering how long it takes to chop tomatoes up.   The 1 lbs of blurry chicken wings  ($12) were also impressive emitting a nice clean taste of honey and garlic.  The tres leche cake was also a nice surprise with just the right sweetness to the cake.  I am a sucker for milk things despite my lactose intolerance.

Main Street is the bustling street in Vancouver and the Cascade group (Cascade Room, L'Attitude and Habit) deserves a lot of credit for this.   My experience a Lattitude was pleasant.  Tasty food, great service and a nice environment.  The bill does start to rack up if you eat more than 2 arepas.

3250 Main Street
Vancouver, BC