The Wine Tasting Room in Seattle is such an awesome concept.  Here you sample out a variety of different Washington wines, which are sold by the tablespoon (the pours are more generous than a teaspoon). In my case, I ordered a flight which included four different wines that were strategically paired together for 8 bucks.   If you enjoyed the wine the bottle was also available.  With this concept I don't have to buy based on the label or this sucky wine app I have.   

I assume local BC liquor laws and licensing structure prevent from something similar to this opening up here.   

On a certain day the Wine Tasting Room serves Beecher's Mac and Cheese, unfortunately this day they didn't so we had to take a 3 min walk and get some down the street.

Wine Tasting Room
1924 Post Alley
Pike Place Market

Beecher's is a commercial cheese processing facility, that also sells the cheesiest mac and cheese.   Definitely worth getting.

Beecher's Handmade Cheese
1600 Pike Place
Pike Place Market