With the strong dollar and the variety of shopping (nevermind Trader Joes) it makes it worthwhile to take a trip down to Seattle.   In my opinion the one thing that Seattle does a lot better than Vancouver is West Coast cuisine.  With a little internet research, and some GPS programming, we were off.  

First brunch, Sitka and Spruce.

First of all, this place is damn cute.  Sitka and Spruce is co located amongst a few other food shops in a space that used to be an autobody shop.  The autobody shop is now home to what appeared to be an amazing butcher, a cute flower shop, a bar/wine store and a coffee shop.  Essentially a cute little market with amazing product.

It appears the brunch menu is constantly changing but on our visit the four of us had the following:

Sheep's milk feta with oliver oil, heirloom navels, fennel, honey, pistachio and dukkah ($8) - Incredible, and pretty simple.  A great dish to try and recreate at home.

The scone ($3.50) was as fantastic as it looked   

Block cod lox, creme fraiche, red onion and dill ($13) - our least favourite of our dishes but decent and very unique.  You rarely can find cold smoked black cod.

Poached chicken with very crispy broccolini ($13) - such a clean taste and the contrast with the crispy vegetables was amazing.

Cooked green, pork belly and a poached egg ($15) - fantastic.  

What an awesome place.

Sitka and Spruce
1531 Melrose Ave
Seattle, Wa