For some of you who watch the Food Network religiously, the name Maria Hines may ring a bell.  She competed on Top Chef Masters and Iron Chef America where she went up against Iron Chef Morimoto and walked away with a win.   

Maria Hines has two restaurants in Seattle, Tilth and Golden Beetle.   Tilth is located in the green house you see below in the photos and according to their website they want you to feel like you are are guest in their own house.   The vibe is great.  Busy, comfortable and fun.

The food was also fantastic.  The price point was closer to 15 to 25 a plate, but they would do half orders  and customize the number of burgers for your table.   

The highlights for me were the mussels and the steak.  The mussels came in an amazing broth rich with bacon flavour and made me think that all my previous meals of mussels were out of a can.   The hanger steak  was cooked perfectly and came with a sauce that just made the steak melt in your mouth.   

For a more detailed review you can see Joe's previous post here.

Local cheese plate - incredible.
Smoked Heirloom Bean Cassoulet - 25 dollars

Hanger Steak
Duck Burgers.

1411 N 45 Street
Seattle, Wa