Kingyo is rad.  Over the recent years through the growing demand of the consumer most izakayas have increased the quality of the raw fish they serve.  Sockeye has replaced Atlantics, and clearly a higher grade fish is now found on your dinner plate.

For this visit, we enjoyed a few of my favourites, ebi mayo (deep fried prawn with cupe mayonaisse - $8.00), stone bowl pork belly which if you let crisp up adds a nice crisp texture to the dish, a sashimi salad and some sockeye salmon sashimi ($9.00), plus some almond tofu ($3.00) for dessert.  Kingyo has been reviewed here before, so I won't go into to much detail, but I will say it is worth a visit if you haven't gone yet.

The real surprise to me was the sockeye salmon.  The colour, smell and taste were all amazing.  A nice clean odour, a rich red colour topped with a smooth clean taste.  The other surprising thing was that they listed that the salmon came from Copper River.  Copper River, Alaska is know for having the best salmon in the world.  Copper River is not necessarily a local BC river but pretty close and it is one of the few early sockeye openings on the west coast (Mid May).  Most of our sockeye out here comes from a July - August fishery.    

As shown in the show Portlandia, there is definitely a trend that more people want to know where their food comes from.  People are trying to become more ethical and sustainable in their food selection but most will believe a menu or waiter at face value, few will go as far as these two.

871 Denman Street
Vancouver, BC

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