While I have been cooking a lot more many of my meals have not been blog worthy.  In order to provide you with more food content, Vancouver Slop has teamed up with Crass Cuisine to provide readers with a some cheeky humour and great recipes.  We enjoy the humour and tone of Crass Cuisine, and I am very excited for her to join Vancouver Slop.  Here is a short bio about our new member of Vancouver Slop.


Jess is thrilled to be a contributor to Vancouver Slop. She's born and raised in Vancouver and currently lives in the West End with her cat/taste tester, Stella. Graduating in 2002 from UBC with a BFA, she's the author of Crass Cuisine and a freelance writer. She's a self-taught cook who enjoys the challenge of complicated dishes and also the simple pleasure of one taste, one texture, one flavour at a time. As long as you don't mind dirty words and imagery, low-brow jokes and interesting recipes, you might enjoy some of her ramblings  


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