Cambie Vietnamese Restaurant
There is good and bad Vietnamese food and unfortunately my palate is not refined enough to accurately tell the difference between great Vietnamese pho and amazing Vietnamese pho.  My body can tell if there is a ton of MSG added.  Today, I had the buns.

The Cambie Vietnamese Restaurant has always been interesting to me because their signage outside just say VIETNAMESE in huge letters.   I am pretty sure the province won't let you name your business after the people inhabiting Vietnam, but I guess that doesn't mean you signage can't.  The other interesting thing is that this restaurant isn't even on Cambie, it is on Main.

The food was good but the story here is about the man on the floor.  He greats people using every term of endearment known to man, during my time there I heard brother, boss, sir, man and mam sir.   He was dynamic while making his rounds on the floor and thanked the filipino crew beside us with a "salamat po".   I have some friends that swear by this place and I would say the food is as good as the next Vietnamese spot but the characters inside make the experience that much more enjoyable.

Cambie Vietnamese Restaurant
4136 Main Street
Vancouver, BC


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