Since the Kogi trucks first hit it big a few years back in Los Angeles, it seems that any city with a food cart program will inevitably see a variation - or outright copy - of their Korean-meets-Mexican (trying hard not to use the word 'fusion' here) fare. And so it is with Vancouver, and here's a review of two food carts downtown that fit in that category, and, more specifically, the tacos they offer.

(Note: before you send/leave us cranky emails or comments, we also know about our glaring omission, not having included Coma Food Truck. There's two reasons for this: (a) at the time we wrote this, Coma simply wasn't running in the downtown core, and (b) we just plain haven't made it out to try them yet...but will soon enough. We also didn't include the Roaming Dragon's taco, as their menu is much more pan-Asian than Korean specific.)

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