There were two big realizations I had from my recent Hong Kong trip.  One was that the Chinese food in Vancouver is really amazing and the second is that dish as simple as congee can taste incredible.

I still haven't found a spot in Vancouver that can make congee as well as I had it in Hong Kong but so far the best is Michigan Noodle Shop Ltd.

The congee is good here but the what sets this place apart is the fresh Chinese donut.  When it comes out of the kitchen warm, and just out of the deep fryer it gives my tongue goosebumps.  It is a bit oily, but what do you expect from something that just came out of the deep fryer.  The difference between a fresh Chinese donut and a previously cooked one is immense.  Think about the first time you had a fresh falafel, simply amazing.   Michigan Noodle Shop's other speciality is the wonton egg noodles which is also impressive but in my opinion sits in the shadow casted by the Chinese Donut.

The other dishes were good but the real treat is the Chinese donut and wonton noodles.

Michigan Noodle Shop Ltd
8580 Alexandra Road
Richmond BC

Michigan Noodle Restaurant 麥之根雲吞麵世家 on Urbanspoon

The parking lot can be one of the biggest issues for me and on my last visit I got in a heated debate with another driver.  In my opinion, you can't call a parking spot once you have passed it, I don't care if your signal light is on.  If you drive past it and your intent wasn't to back into it, you have lost it.  I am sure Larry David would agree with me.