Pronto Caffe
Pronto Caffe does their interior right.  It is a refreshing view compared to the clean but soul less interiors that we often see.   The inside has an old Italian caffe vibe to it, and it just feels proper.  I haven't been to Italy for a few years so I can't say it is true to form, but the mirrored wall and the hexagon tiles look fantastic.  The branding and signage are cute and clean.  A great job to whoever did their creative work.

For our meal, the two of us shared a porchetta sandwich ($8 - we asked for light mayo on the sandwich), the soup of the day ($4) and a green salad ($6).  The green salad was clean and tasty, and the use of  mizuna leaves in it made me happy.  The salad wasn't anything amazing but the price and name didn't advertise anything different.  The soup of the day was creamy fennel and was exceptionally tasty and creamy but needed to be served at a hotter temperature.   The porchetta was nice and I had a good portion of crackling in mine.   The porchetta was a little different than Meat and Bread's version (maybe a little saltier) but still good.  I prefer the bun they use at Pronto which was par baked and finished in the Caffe, however the presentation of the sandwich and chimichurri sauce at Meat and Bread is better.

The place looks great and the food is good.  A great addition to the Cambie neighbourhood.  

Pronto Caffe
3473 Cambie Street
Vancouver BC

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