Those who were fans are obviously aware that Wally's Burger re-opened in North Vancouver and in Killarney.  

For those who aren't familiar with the name, here is a little background. Wally's Burger is an old East Vancouver establishment located on Kingsway that closed their doors in 2008 for a pre-sale apartment showroom that could really never get off the ground.   Wally's has been around since the 60's and there was even an episode of 21 Jumpstreet filmed in there.  They were known for their inexpensive burgers and their secret sauce.

We used to hit up Wally's Burgers for a cheap meal after breakdancing practice.  Young hip hop heads are famous for being broke ass, never coat checking their jacket at the club, nursing a beer all night and knowing where the cheap eats spots are.   

I used to order the combo burger (burger with a hot dog wiener inside) or the chuckwagon burger with fries, gravy and a banana shake.  I remember it being cheap and I could kill some extra time playing the pinball machine there.  The new menu has the old classics and some new joints on there as well.  

The new Wally's Burger was fancy or maybe just felt clean in comparison to the old joint.  It was not conducive to seating as the only seats inside were along the wall with a 12 inch board running down the sides to be used as a table.   The menu was fancy, and instead of the Korean mom and pop behind the counter there were some good looking young kids there.  It doesn't really matter who is behind the counter but I was kinda hoping to see the original owners in hopes they might recognize me.
As it has been about five years since I have been to Wally's Burger  my barometer for comparison is definitely a little off and I like to think my palate has changed since then as well.  The burgers were reasonably priced.  All ball parked around the five dollar price point with an upgrade to the combo available for an additional $3.75.  The burger wasn't how I remembered it, I felt the new burger tasted a little more gourmet or rather less ghetto than the original.  It was still tasty but I couldn't find that uniqueness from Wally's that I remembered (maybe it was from the old grease or metal from the old stove).  The new fries failed to create a lasting memory or jog old ones.  In the end the burger was good but not the same as it was and not amazing, the poutine wasn't really worth the upgrade and the fries just weren't that crispy or that good.  Putting nostalgia aside, the burger is decent for the price.

Does anyone know if the original owners opened up the two new locations or if they sold the company or created franchise opportunities?

Wally's Burger
49th and Elliot
Vancouver, BC