Nads and I share a mutual love of farmers markets and grey cats. Her farmers market in Kits is sliiiiiightly better than mine in the West End, so I asked her if she ever came across any zucchini flowers, to pick some up and I would pay her back. She kindly got me some this weekend, and asked me what I was going to do with them. My answer? FRY THOSE MUTHAFUCKAAAAS!

Battered, pan-fried zucchini blossoms are something holy and worth pondering. Their delicate taste makes me feel like I'm on some sun-drenched patio in Tuscany, having a light snack before going off to pick wild lavender to make soap. In this fantasy I'm also a size two with waist-length flowy raven hair. Hey, it's my mind. It can wander at will even to the ridiculous.

Zucchini blossoms are very fragile, so if possible use them the same day you buy them. If they need to sit, put them in a glass of water to keep them inflated. Wash them, split the petals apart to expose the pistil, and cut it out. Set aside to dry. Make a simple batter of flour, one egg and some water to make a paste that resembles heavy cream. Soak the blossoms in the batter. Put a skillet on medium-high heat and glug a good few tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil in the pan. When hot, use a fork to drop the battered blooms into the pan. Fry until golden, flip once, when done transfer to a plate and sprinkle with fresh sea salt. Devour hot!

The fried batter is a delicious salty counterpart to the sweet flowers. Oh yeah.

Nads and I started talking about grey cats after we both had run-ins with a neighbourhood beast near our office that for months we referred to as "Grey Beauty". We thought it was a girl kitty. One day I was walking by with a friend and saw Grey Beauty, and told him all about the cat (yes, his eyes glazed over). His owner was in the yard and explained that actually she was a he, and he had been named by her young grandson. The grandson had been told he could name him anything he liked, and he decided to name him Spidey Mike. SPIDEY MIKE!!!!!

God bless that kid for giving this cat the greatest name in the history of cat names. Here is Spidey Mike this morning on his verandah, having a sunbath:

I want to come back as a cat. A cat who gets to eat fried zucchini blossoms.