Campagnolo Roma has located the space where the Caribbean Hut Pizza Express was.   This is a great new addition to the area and based on the attendance on a few visits it has been very well supported by Vancouverites.  The interior is casual, and is accompanied by friendly service with reasonably priced food.

It was nice to see some less common items on the menu such as an octopus salad ($12), and whipped ricotta ($6).   The octopus salad is one of my favourite things and has a great taste and texture.  The ricotta was smooth with a hit of citrus that made for a nice refreshing dish.  The pizzas on the menu ranged from 12 to 15 bucks and the pastas were offered in two different sizes (small about 12 dollars and large about 17 dollars).  

The large pasta that we ordered was generous in size and very tasty.   It can easily be shared by a couple of people.  Good for couples or guys who are down with a pseudo bromance.   The pizza while clearly not a Napoletana style crust had a nice crunchy, thin crust and great flavour.  What really blew me out of the water was the tiramisu.  Tilted like the leaning tower of pisa it had a nice balance of flavours, with a very light liquor taste.  Soo nice and smooth that you need to get it, get it.

People will likely compare Campagnolo Roma to Nook and although they offer two different style of Italian Cuisine, I would say they both offer a meal that will likely be memorable, especially for the price.  

Campagnolo Roma
2297 Hasting Street E
Vancouver, BC

Campagnolo Roma on Urbanspoon


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