I was invited to the opening launch of Guu Kobachi and it was awesome.   Guu imported a whole Bluefin tuna to be cut up for sashimi and nigiri that night.   The normal, local tuna on the West Coast is the Albacore Tuna.  The average trip for a tuna boat is fairly long and therefore pretty much all the local tuna you get in Vancouver is previously frozen because it was frozen at sea.  The quality is top notch as the fish goes into temperature control as soon as possible which ensures a great product.

In my opinion a fresh fish if it doesn't spend too much time out of the water will always taste better than a thawed fish and what a treat it was to have Bluefin tuna.  There is much talk about how the Bluefin Tuna stocks are declining however I will have to defer to the UN position.  If the UN has not listed Bluefin in their Endangered Species Appendix (CITES) then I will have to assume there is some stability in the population.

The menu at Guu Kobachi is the most daring and creative of all the Guu restaurants.   Items like Deep Fried Enamame, Cold Tomato Curry, Deep Fried Pork Ear, Saba in Curry Sauce, Squid Ink Calamari, Ebimayo Sister (ebimayo covered with shredded potato),  and a ton more.  I was told portions will be smaller and ideal for snacking while drinking.

The space is small but dope.   A big sake drum greeted us at the door, and inside there is a long bar which really feels like a good place to hang out and snack.

Give the new Guu a try, they have never let me down in the past and I am sure the new one won't either.

Guu Kobachi
735 Denman Street
Vancouver,  BC