This cute little Japanese cafe has been pretty busy as of late. It was on my radar last summer but it felt pretty hot inside so I thought I would try it later in the year.

The interior seats about 20 people on a good day and mounted on the back wall sits a few chalkboards used as menus. They offer  a wide variety of drinks (coffee, tea etc) and the food menu includes both Japanese yoshoku food and regular Western sandwiches. There is even a combination of the two and you can order a katsu sandwich or katsu wrap. I ordered the okonomiyaki and the katsu don for my friend. I was in a rush so I had to get it for take out.

The okonomiyaki ($7.99) was tasty and but not quite as good as the ones I had in Japan. It was hard to tell what exactly is in this Osaka treat but you could taste or see bits of shrimp, octopus, clam, and squid along with a few red peppers and maybe asparagus. It was covered with bonito flakes and red ginger. The Katsu don ($7.99) was solid, moist inside and crispy outside. My friend was very happy with her meal.

451 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

They also have natto for breakfast for those who are down with that.