Vancouver's burger game has really stepped up with the addition of Stackhouse.  It is my understanding that Stackhouse is the project of an old Vancouver bboy form Contents Under Pressure.  This was somewhat confirmed when I saw Concise the Black Knight in the spot and the large mirror near the entrance was marked with some beautiful typography likely complements of AA Crew.

The burgers are not cheap but the 15 dollar burger seems to be the norm around the city.  Hotels, casual fine dining chains, Vera's, Romer's, and Moderne all seem to have their burger priced at about 15 bucks once you add the fixings.  Considering what you get at Stackhouse I can't complain.

I ordered the Stackhouse Burger which was 15 dollars and a burger repping the company name should be a safe order.  The burger was served on a brioche bun, with butter lettuce, tomato, pancetta, Guinness Cheddar and portabellini and accompanied by a side of fries.  The fries were tasty, reminiscent of the ones from Cactus Club. The large meat patty and brioche bun makes it a heavy meal but the bun does add a nice taste to the burger.  The butter lettuce was a welcomed change and the meat patty was juicy and flavourful.  I would have to say the burger was strong on all elements and was very filling.

I have a standing fear of Gout, so half of the burger was enough for me but the taste, and quality of the burger was strong enough for me to make me want to return back to Stackhouse.  Oh yeah, paying only 4 bucks for an Old Style Pilsner at a new downtown joint is also a draw.

Stackhouse Burger
1224 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC

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And an acronym shout out  to the old school Vancouver Hip Hop cats, CLC, ABS, Zen, FWUH, R2D2, AA, AMP, SNC, CUP, and nuff others including Badrock for creating Stackhouse.