Izakaya restaurants have been a big success in Vancouver and it is nice to have a wide selection to choose from although all are busy.  Just think Guu in Toronto has almost standing 2 hour lines everyday.   Suika (meaning watermelon) is the sister to Kingyo.  Some similar items that you have seen on the Kingyo menu and some new joints like a Chinese Poutine and ox tail ramen.

The seafood here is fantastic.  Items like BBQ black cod collars, white spring salmon cheeks/collars, and Copper River Salmon which is some of the best salmon in the world.  The sashimi shake salad was a nice affordable treat (under ten bucks) and great for groups with small numbers.   The salad comes to the table with the fish slices separate and then they are all combined into a jar and mixed.  Simple process but kinda cool.   There are also some boxed rolls for those who have a sushi fix.

I have been here a few times and have consistently been impressed.   The quality of the food was excellent and everything was tasty.  Highlights for me were the Copper River Salmon sashimi, the Fried Rice, deep fried corn, karaage, and kakuni bibimbop.  

There are some things that really have me wondering.  A one kilogram steak for about 50 bucks, and a pig foot dish that states "Don't Try If You Never Had, my friends weren't really into trying it out and I had to agree since I don't love trotter.   The Chinese Poutine was intriguing but a little bit of a let down.  My friend once created this with BBQ pork at Hole in the Wall (Tsui Hang) and Fritz Poutine, damn good when you a drunk.  Not so amazing when you are sober trying to re create it for lunch.

The place is solid.  A nice space, available parking, they take reservations and great food.  Don't sleep.

1626 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Hainanese Chicken Salad
Chicken Karaage
Negitori Boxed Sushi
Deep fried tofu and prawn
Stone Bowl Rice
Fried Corn Joints

Copper River Salmon Sashimi

Ebi Mayo
Asari Yuzu Koshou Udon