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When I think of Expo 86, I think of Expo Ernie, concrete motorcycles and cars, pavilion passports, a monorail and the geodesic dome with the Mc Barge docked next to it.  I assume some of these pieces went home, I know some of the buildings were moved to Richmond.  As for the Mc Barge, it has been floating in the Burrard Inlet in North Burnaby for some time.

The barge was named the Friendship 500 (Seaborne II is also marked on the vessel).  From what I gathered from the Internet, food was delivered to the front of the barge via a conveyor belt.  Reports of those who have boarded the vessel state the interior  of the barge is in decent condition.

There was talk about a year ago or so about trying to move it over to Mission however city permits became an issue.  Maybe someone can convince Princess Cruise lines to pull it along on their next cruise so the Mc Donalds lovers can get their fix.

Many have made plans to board the Mc Barge and from reading a few blog posts there are many that have.   It isn't far off shore and seems totally doable for those who want to grab some friends and do a Stand By Me mission to check it out, or for some serious graffiti kids who want to put up a burner on the side.  I haven't done any intel to on if there are cameras and such but there is fencing and barbed wire around the boat to make things a little difficult for the pirates or the saboteurs employed by Burger King.  If you don't want to board it, the McBarge is a good excuse for a bike ride.

For those who want to make a journey, it is not hard. The first time I tried to get there, I didnt do much research and tried getting there using my Iphone.  It wasn't very easy, the Iphone GPS wasn't very accurate out there.  I ended up walking down some trail and then started bush wacking a bit and ended up at the parking lot.  So after getting to the parking lot, I found that it is really easy to get there by car or bike.  

Here are some directions.

Drive down Hastings and turn North onto Gamma from Hastings.  Ironically, you just have to head north when you see the McDonalds on Hastings.  Follow that all the way down and you are there (Gamma eventually becomes Penzance Drive).

The magazine the Economists states that the reason why we have world hunger is not because of food production shortages but because efficient shipping mechanisms are not available to ship extra fruits and vegetables to the countries in need.   Perhaps, the McBarge can be retrofitted help fill this gap and help preserve and deliver produce to these needing countries.   What else are they going to do with the McBarge.   Maybe I'll do a jobs Canada to see if there are any opportunities for this.   Maybe the golden arches and the clown can help save world hunger.

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