Yoshoku-ya joins the likes of Jay Z, Father MC, Rakim and Alf.  I have been longing to go back to Yoshoku-ya for ages and to my excitement I heard they have reopened as 29th Ave Cafe on Boundary Road.  They apparently opened a while back but I could never get through on the phone so I was hesitant to make a trip out that way.

The same Korean lady is there and this time she was super nice to me.   I showed up with some old regulars plus cute babies so I think there was no way she couldn't be nice.  The atmosphere wasn't anything like the old downtown joint but the Toulouse Lautrec artwork was transplanted to their new location.  

Enough about the atmosphere I came here to get my fix.  The menu looked exactly like the old one except they added clam chowder. Hells yeah, I m down with that.  The clam chowder represented some of my favourite things.  That weird pasty taste that is reminiscent of the soups that you get from HK cafes and the strong hit of clam or clam nectar.  Worked out nice.

The thousand island side salad was just as I remembered it and is fantastic.  If you never had this salad it is worth a trip just to have this thing.   The katsu curry with that sweet Glico taste also brought back pleasant memories.  My one visit isn't enough, I need to rinse through the whole menu so I can keep this smile on my face.  I can already hear that cod roe spaghetti begging for me to come back.

If you remember Yoshoku-ya you will make a trip out to the 29th Ave Cafe and if you haven't, you better put this place on your list.

29th Ave Cafe
4441 Boundary Road
Vancouver, BC

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