My last discussion with Joe we agreed that there aren't any destination restaurants (restaurants that you would fly in for) in Vancouver however many people come to Vancouver with the principal goal to just eat.  You could easily spend a week in this city and not have a bad meal or question to yourself that you might have wasted your hunger on a mediocre meal.   Food in Vancouver is outstanding and cheap.  Asian food can stand up to any other place in the world.

So rather than listing my favourite restaurants, I am creating a bucket list that would serve as my recommendations on dishes you need to try.  I know Vanmag has done it but, it is my turn suckers.

Here are photos of my first twenty, all of which are Asian dishes.  Click on the image, for a larger view.  

I 'll post four each week and make a page that will list them all.  Here are the first four.

Bo Laksa King - Laksa ($8)
Best Laksa in the city hands down.  If you haven't crushed this meal from Bo (freedom fighter turned chef), you better get your ass down there.  And yes his roti will also be on the bucket list.

HK BBQ Master - Roast Pork ($8)
This dingy joint located under the Superstore in Richmond in my opinion serves the best roast pork, hands down. The master destroys the competition

Zabu - Korean Fried Chicken ($15 for a dozen)
Soy glazed double fried chicken wings.  This girl wouldn't wait for me to take my photo.

  Long's Noodle House - Yellow Fish Wrapped in Seaweed ($13)
The lady in the spot is reason enough to go here.