Louis Gervais

We blogged about this spot years ago when they were serving meals out of their kitchen.  It was pretty hype experience to see the chef prepare your meal and then pretty much eat off that same stainless steel prep tables.  Now, Louis Gervais (ex-executive chef of the Sutton Place) has a new spot (just down the street from Thomas Haas) with a bistro inside for those who want that soup and sandwich and not eat on the prep counter.

The new space has their commercial kitchen which provides them the space and equipment for them to do  their catering work, but it also doubles as a place for them to hold their culinary classes.  85 bucks for a class seems reasonable but I do not know what it entails or how hands on the experience it is.

I sat down in the bistro to have a soup and sandwich for 11 bucks.  The chicken sandwich was tasty and with a nice soft bun with a crisp exterior.  The cream of broccoli soup was tasty with a perfect level of richness.

Louis Gervais Bistro
107-850 Harbourside
North Vancouver,