As Phife Dawg said "Head for the border, go get a taco".

It is old news but Tacos Tecalitlan is a worthwhile stop when you are in Bellingham.  This taco truck on Guide Meridian gives you enough reason to choose the Aldergrove port of entry.  At $1.25 a taco the value is amazing, and with a variety that includes beef, pork, chicken, pork stomach, deep fried pork, cheek and beef tongue it is a must stop when you are hunting down cheese at Costco in the states.

The tacos kick ass on the burritos and the horchata isn't always available but these prices put our food trucks to shame.   The hot sauce is spicy and tasty and the shells are fried with a nice crisp edge just the way I prefer them to be done.

Go follow Phife Dawgs words.

Taco Tecalitlan
5309 Guide Meridian
Bellingham, WA