No, I'm not talking about Sarah Jessica's face. SNAP!

I'm talking about the homeliest and most unsung seasoning of all, fresh horseradish root.

I mean look at this thing:

It looks like a medieval club used to bash in the heads of serfs. But don't judge a book by it's ugly-ass cover. Cheap like borscht (about $0.70 even at high-priced grocery stores) and utterly delicious, there is so much you can do with this little root of joy. I used to only use it for oysters, but lately I've found lots of things to put it on and in. It keeps too: wrap your root in plastic wrap and it will last for weeks. Peel it with a paring knife, and grate it on a microplane, and here's a starter list of things you can do with it:

Tomato Soup:

I like the cost-effectiveness of tomato soup made with water, but it is lacking something. Put a little horseradish, salt and pepper (and some American saffron if you have it) and it's much tastier.


I like to pan-fry my cauliflower, add fresh horseradish and a squeeze of lemon, and dig in.


Or roast beef  or beef stew tastes extra zesty and sophisticated with horseradish on top.

Baked potato:

Scallions, roasted white onions and horseradish and a little sour cream? Check.

And fresh oysters of course:

A little champagne mignonette and a chopped shallot with fresh horseradish is a classic dish for a reason.

So yeah. I love this root. I'm sure you're more creative than I am, so buy one for yourself and check it out.