My Chau

I haven't yet travelled to Vietnam so my knowledge of Vietnamese food comes from Kingsway and a past Vietnamese girlfriend.  So with my limited knowledge Vietnamese food really consists of three things pho, bun, and banh mi. Maybe a few more dishes if you count that beef 8 ways dish or that large omelette from Thaison.   Either way my knowledge of the cuisine is limited.

A friend has just introduced me to this new dish which is a deep fried chicken thigh with soup and I was told the place to get this dish is My Chau.  The biggest challenge with My Chau is their hours, they aren't really open during dinner hours.  Finally, I took a day off to cover some errands and go to My Chau for lunch.

The interior boasts the same standard fare as most Vietnamese restaurants - neon lights, large TV but no fish tank.  So here it is Pho Ga - Chicken Noodle Soup.  The deep fried chicken didn't have a ton of flavour but I did love the un-battered deep fried skin.    The soup was chicken based and had a nice clean taste.  While the meal didn't blow me away with flavour I did really enjoy it, mostly because I love all things deep fried.

Its well raved about in the internet community so if you don't believe me (especially since I haven't posted in a while) then you can feel comfortable that cyberspace likes it to.

My Chau
1715 Kingsway 
Vancouver BC