Derek Sarno is the Senior Healthy Eating Chef & Culinary Educator for Whole Foods Market.  Since he isn't from Vancouver, we asked him to describe his three most memorable meals, rather than his three favourite ones from town (along the lines of what we do o'er at Slop Press).  His response follows below - catch Sarno and a slew of other folks at EPIC Sustainable Living Expo this weekend.

Three most memorable eh? Quite honestly, the first thought that comes to mind is anything with Srirracha sauce on it. If Srirracha was a meal I’d claim all three as it has allowed me to transition from eating processed foods, junk foods and plain ole empty calorie crap to indulging on the more healthier food types of all kind. Peanut butter, coconut and Srirracha sandwiches, a little Thai style version of the old fashioned PB&J. 

I eat greens regularly and as much as I can handle. Preferably steamed. Kale, chards, collards, spinach, you name it: if they are a leaf they are edible as my go-to meal after every trip, and traveling is a way of life for the past couple years. 

Oatmeal is my comfort food of choice for breakfast or dinner. Weird as it may be its one of the most satisfying, satiating and healthy snack or meals I enjoy frequently. 

My indulgence, when I’m in Vancouver -- the city I have fallen in love with like a destined love affair -- is to eat at Nook. Love all they serve and reminds me of days of young being fed by my Italian grandmother. Guu is my Asian style favorite and of course life wouldn’t have been fulfilled without knowing what Japadog is. All of the above are hot sauce friendly.