Recently Tenacious C and I went on a little vacation to Victoria. Lana told us that if we wanted fantastic seafood, we should check out Pescatores, right across the street from the Empress.

I love fresh fish and shellfish more than anything else on this earth, so I was excited when we walked into this medium-sized room with low ceiling fans and a New Orleans-y vibe. The lighting is extremely low, which is great for my looks but not for taking photos, which is why none appear here, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

I had the seafood mixed grill, which consisted of grilled salmon, grilled halibut, and three juicy black tiger prawns perched on top of the richest, most delicious chive mashed potatoes I've ever had. (I asked for the recipe and our super-personable waiter had a hilarious response wherein he had about 25 conflicting thoughts and seemed truly disappointed that he couldn't tell me: "ha ha, yes I'd like to... but no. No. No. Sorry. But no"). 

The real stand out other than the potatoes was the perfectly prepared halibut. Halibut is a finicky fish that's difficult to cook without either drying it out or rendering it tasteless. This halibut had crispy skin and tender insides and I tip my wannabe-chef's hat at the person who prepared it, because I'll probably be trying to copy it for the rest of my life.

Next time you find yourself in Victoria stop by there for excellent fish, and start with a few fresh oysters, why don't you.

614 Humboldt Street
Victoria, BC, Canada