In preparation for the Waldorf's Food Cart Fest, which kicks off tomorrow (noon until 6pm), we thought we'd re-visit a few of the carts that will be participating at the event (which we're sponsoring, btw).  Each of the weeks will have 10 or so of the carts parked over at the Waldorf's parking lot in a PDX pod fashion, so the options are pretty vast.

One of these carts is La Brasserie's cart, which we droned on and on about previously.  It's a simple premise: do one product right (in this case, a great chicken sandwich with fried onions, gravy and a buttermilk bun) and bring the patrons into the brick and mortar location on Davie St.  While cynics of the food carts often point to inconsistency on a general level amongst all of them (hey, sample over 20 restaurants and I'd bet more than a few of those would be inconsistent too), this cart has been churning out this treat for well over a year (as well as a pretty good butter tart), and rest assured this cart does not prove those cynics correct.  

See all y'all tomorrow at the Waldorf.


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