Recently I attended the opening of TWB, The Wine Bar, adjacent to Provence Marinaside.

Here's something that not a lot of people know: Vancouver architect Stanley Kwok designed that entire portion of our seawall. And it has a sister seawall - in Dubai. However in Dubai they have put many more restaurants and hangouts on the waterfront, understanding that people love to sit near water. Marinaside is one of those streets I never go to simply because there's nothing really on it. You can only walk through Aquarius Mews and see apartments you will never afford so many times before it gets boring.

This is a great little spot. Clean design, good lighting, reasonable prices and wines on tap, it's a fantastic date spot. A little crispy pork belly and some Persecco and a walk on the water? Yes.

Wines on tap means that TWB orders huge bags of still and sparkling wines and when they are empty, the waste product is reduced to the size of your palm. I hope to see more restaurants drop the hundreds of bottles route on their top sellers and do the same. Keeps costs down and is better for the environment. Everybody wins.

I was impressed with the food that was served, especially
Executive Chef Jean-Francis Quaglia's incorporation of sardines into one of the share plates. Sardines are a sustainable seafood that is totally undersung and delicious, in my opinion. I love their salty, briny taste and texture. But the hero of the evening was the calamari. Possibly the best I've had in this city, served with a red pepper garlic aioli and fresh lime, I don't recommend sharing. You will need your own. Shout out also to the crispy pork belly on a bed of pickled fennel:

Try it sometime!

1167 Marinaside Crescent (at the foot of Davie St in Yaletown)
Open daily from 3pm until late.
Call : 604.681.4144 or visit theWineBar.ca



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