One major reason to go to Japan is to see the super passionate people that master their craft.  Japan is home to masters in many of the elements.  The best dancehall queen and dancehall selectors, top fashion designer, chefs, pour over coffee masters, bartenders, rockabilly dancers, you name it, they got it.

In this case we wanted to check out the coffee culture, so we hunted down this coffee shop / kissaten* named Cafe de l'Ambre which has been around since 1948.  We wasted about an hour trying to find this hole in the wall and after asking locals and policemen we still couldn't find it even though we had an address.  We almost gave up but finally found the cafe but it was closed.  We didn't want all our efforts to go to waste so we came back the next day.

The cafe was small but managed to have all the necessary facilities including a coffee roaster.   The interior had an old eighties feel to it and inside were mostly older folks enjoying their coffee and having a cigarette.

 The barrista spoke perfect english and was excited to serve us and to show us around the cafe.  He made us a nice cup of coffee.  He started by putting hot water in the cup to get it warm, and then poured the coffee through his home made filter into a copper bowl, then dried out the coffee cup and poured the coffee in (check the video below).  If you got the large coffee he would reheat the copper bowl before pouring it into the cup.  The coffee jello and coffee were both fantastic.

Cafe de l'Ambre
Ginza 8-10-15
Chuo Ward

* Kissaten are coffee shops where you have coffee but you pay inflated prices since you are paying for the coffee and the time and space to just hang out there.