Japan is one of my favourite places.  Fantastic food, amazing craftsmanship, respectful people and a handful of weird things like cat cafes, maid cafes, and hotel rooms you can destroy (you pay per item you destroy).  Rather than list a restaurant that you may never get to or if you do this review will be totally out of date, I will do a comparison of the Japanese food on our trip to the Japanese food in Vancouver.

Just like David Chang stated in Lucky Peach the first thing to do when in Japan is to grab sandwiches and drinks at the convenience store.  I love these little sandwiches. All are great!!! Varieties like chicken or pork katsu, potato salad, ham and cheese.  Also make sure you grab some rice balls.

Next stop, which became a frequent spot for us was 7-11.  7-11 is awesome in Japan.  They have everything from curries, Japanese Whiskey, choux pastries and oden. No slurpies available for those wondering.

The Oden was a nice treat and became a go to morning snack for us.