All my Japan trips involve numerous ramen meals.  When trying to establish a barometer there is no better place than the origin. Ramen is great as it is easily available, affordable and fast.   Based on some information from the Serious Eats blog our first stop was Ramen Street in Tokyo Street.  Our Process - look for the longest line, line up, look what everyone is ordering, pick that one, figure out how to order beer and wait to be seated.   Many ramen spots including this one patrons have to order via an electronic machine which all items are listed in Japanese characters.  Usually the first item is the most popular so going with that is a good choice.

The ramen was good.  The stand out was how well the noodles are cooked.   There are some new flavours layered into the broth but I still rather have Santouka on Robson (especially when they don't make the noodles to soft).   The meal cost us about 12 bucks with beer, served and consumed quick (about 20 mins).  No tipping is needed or expected.

We hunted down ramen three other times.  All were selected with internet research.   All of which were good but I still put Santouka and Ippudo New York as my favourite bowls of ramen. To be honest, Ippudo in Japan was not as exciting as I hoped, and Ichiran was pretty exciting in that you could fully customize your soup and noodles but still was not mind blowing.

Next, off to the museum to see an exhibition on Japanese fashion and on the Japanese miniatures used in films like Godzilla, and Ultraman.