Marutama Ramen
For those ramen fans there is a new ramen spot on the block.   Probably easiest thing to do is to skip this review and go down and try it out for yourself before the line up starts.  

Marutama Ramen is a chain ramen restaurant with locations in Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.   The interior was nice with the exception of some cheap plastic containers that looked  similar to the ones you get from jelly cups.  

The special feature about Marutama is their noodles.  Hand made in house, these bad boys stand way above the clouds when compared to the other ramen spots in the neighbourhood.  Santouka has the belt when it comes to broth flavour but Marutama's noodles run the show here.   Their soft boiled egg also gets special mention for being perfect!!!  The broth at Marutama was chicken based and tasted clean and healthy.  There is also the option to add additional noodles for $1.25 more (a bowl of ramen is around $12 here).  Addicted to these noodles I intentionally saved some broth and ordered some extra noodles however they came so much later that my broth was cold by then.  I still enjoyed them and added some salt syrup to my soup as well.

I think I still give it to Santouka as my favourite ramen but Marutama is worth the experience just to try the noodles.  If you want to be the man get the extra noodles at Marutama and sneak them into Santouka to make the best bowl of noodles in Vancouver.  

Do yourself a favour and go read Lucky Peach Issue 1, watch Tampopo and then go crush some ramen downtown.  As said earlier my choice is still Santouka but you should try these noodles to get your barometer straight.

Marutama Ramen
780 Bidwell Street
Vancouver, BC

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