White Spot Triple Os joins the group of restaurants with secret menu items.  Everyone is aware of the secret menu at In-N-Out Burger, and there is lots of internet traffic about making a quesarito at Chipotle and now White Spot Triple Os has the Triple Triple.

You got to pick your dinning partners wisely for something like this.  Not many can tackle this on or want to tackle this on.  It is a lot of food, while I didn't finish it my friend did. Three patties of meat, three layers of cheese, tomato, lettuce and a heaping of Triple O sauce, plus that bun that I love.

I love White Spot so I enjoyed the taste of this burger but due to the ratio change it really did have a strong meat and cheese taste.  Ok, all you could taste was meat and cheese.   If you are in the mood to crush a large burger and you normally order the Double Double then this is an enjoyable meal with a cost of about $13.50.  At the end of the meal as opposed to feeling that I was pushing the limits of my jeans it felt more like that my stomach was pushing the limits of my skin.

For those Kobayashis and Joey Chestnuts in the world here is another challenge for you, however you won't get your name on the wall for eating this one.

Triple O
1881 Cornwall 
Vancouver, BC
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Note - This is available at the Triple O locations not the standard White Spot locations.