Spaghetei Japanese Style Spaghetti

Japanese pasta rules!!!!  I got flack from my travelling companions for wanting pasta in Japan but at the end of the night I was the hero.  Many who visit the izakayas have seen or tried mentaiko (cod roe) udon, but think about these Japanese pasta dishes,  Sea Urchin carbonara or Japanese Mushroom pasta or Salmon Cream Pasta or Ketchup spaghetti.   Ok, the Ketchup joint doesn't sound that mind blowing but if you ever can get your hands on sea urchin pasta sauce you will lose your mind.  

Spagheti is a Japanese -Italian restaurant located in the West end where Benkei Ramen used to be and I am in love with it.   Ok, the meal maybe kinda niche cause not everyone craves a fishy tasting pasta but the dish is awesome.    For those who frequent the HK restaurants it is not that unusual, as they all have some weird remix of italian food on their menu.   

I have been twice in about a weeks time, and I stoked about this spot.  My favourite is the mentaiko in white sauce.   The dish is $13 dollars but you can get the large size for a dollar more, for those that are on a portion control diet you can down size and save a dollar.    The sauce makes me want to fist pump in the air like a kid at a rave, cause it has just that odd flavour of cream and fish eggs that makes me smile and add in a handful of mushrooms, perfectly cooked spaghettini and three shrimp and it will make my day.  I will gladly put this head to head with any Italian restaurant in the same price range.   

The meat sauce, which is a Japanese bolognese has chopped up boiled egg on top and impressed even my true Italian friend.   Soccer and Italian food are two European things that the Japanese can do well so go check this spot out for something different and if you aren't super lactose intolerant you can order a bowl of shaved milk for dessert.

1741 Robson Street
Vancouver BC


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