When it comes to those ghetto sandwich and fries spots, I have two favourites.  Bob's Submarine Sandwiches in Richmond and Duffin's Donuts in Vancouver.   Let's talk about Duffin's Donuts for a second.  

This 24 hour spot is pretty awesome.  Their menu is insane ranging from fried chicken, pupusas, horchata, Vietnamese sandwiches, donuts and torta subs.  They have a wide selection of Latin foods, and for the items I have tried they are pretty solid.   This time I stayed with the sandwich options and  I ordered the Chicken sandwich with fries and a drink for $7.00, add gravy and I am a happy camper.  The sandwich as much as it is ghetto has tomato, lettuce and avocado inside which makes this sandwich a great value.   

The interior isn't anything special, the donuts are good but I usually buy the day olds for work folk and the bubble tea looks kinda gross. There sandwich selection is pretty awesome, with over 15 varieties to choose from.   It wouldn't be a bad choice if you were looking for a sandwich catering company. Overall,  as I said it is pretty ghetto but I love the food here and I am always happy to stop in for a sandwich.    

Duffin's Donuts
1391 East 41th Ave
Vancouver, BC


Deanna Friel said... @ September 27, 2017 at 6:27 AM

After about a year or so of contemplating about whether to come here or not, I finally decided to just go! I came here around 11ish in the evening and it was so packed with people! I guess there's a lot of people dying to try their donuts and other food just like me. I definitely had to order a dozen of assorted donuts. A half dozen donuts is $6 and a dozen is $10 which isn't bad. The quality of the donuts isn't amazing but it'll do to satiate one's sweet cravings. I also tried their Macacha sandwich (like some pulled pork with avocados and your usual veggies), onion fries, and green power drink to balance it out lol! It was all decently priced and the quality of food wasn't too shabby either. It's definitely a place to go to for comfort food. Would I go back? Yes definitely! Was so excited to finally get to Duffin's but they misunderstood my order and gave me a regular Boston cream which I thought was going to be a maple Boston Cream. It was a very good donut, just not the one I wanted. Sadly on a Sunday afternoon the place was completely filthy from the night before which kind of ruined my appetite. I had also read that you can get iced coffees there but it is not true, I ended up with a lemonade instead. Only paid $3 but was pretty disappointed. Thank you for sharing your article about "DUFFIN'S DONUTS" If You interested to know more information please visit http://onedaytop.com/wisdom-teeth-pain-relief-treatment/

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Seo Mumbai said... @ October 27, 2017 at 12:18 AM

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