Ossteria Francescana - Modena Italy.

I have never done one of these Michelin three star restaurants before but being in Italy, I was convinced to give it a try.   Rather than go into extreme detail, you can watch the a more detailed review on Netflix.

What I found interesting was the number of staff to patron ratio in which case service was top notch.   If you wanted to know where the washroom was, the staff would walk you all the way into the stall. But was really interesting, was that the light above our table was about to die, in which case was flickering on and off for the length of our dinner.   Not sure what they could have done but they didn't acknowledge it and it was quite frustrating.  The other mishap, was that a fry landed in one of the glasses of wine.  Once we identified this to the server, they took the wine glass away even though it was half full.  They never replaced the glass of wine, kinda sad as it wasn't the cheapest bottle (I thought they could have gave some of their house wine to replace the glass but that is a call of the restaurant.

Overall the experience was fun, and unique.   Cost was about 300 USD and the experience and story was worth it but I'm not sure I would repeat.  My personal issue, was that things were extremely rich, lots of parmigiano-reggiano, and lots of foie gras.  The continual richness made it difficult to really enjoy the meal as that much foie gras can really make your stomach feel uneasy (take a look at the foie gras ice cream bar).


Ossteria Francescana - L'osteria di Massimo Bottura
Via Stella, 22, 41121 Modena MO, Italy


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